Musical Saw Session Musician

My online musical saw session service provides songwriters, singers, bands and producers a quick, flexible and cost effective way to get the quality musical saw recordings to add to their tracks. I read music so you can send me a written part or you can send me a recording of the track and part you would like me to play. Alternatively send me a track and describe what backing you require and I’ll create a suitable counter melody or accompaniment.

Holly Montgomery
A 2016 Grammy nominated album
Leaving Eden 
James Jones Music
for the Film Homer
bedlamBBC documentary ‘American B-Sides’. Music by Ian Kellett MolluscRecordsLymes Hull, UK Tenzer
Tenzer Salford UK
For BBC Yorkshire
David Shulman
David Shulman
Jed Davis
Awaiting Sample

Click on the play buttons above to hear examples of recordings for a film called Homer,  a Bedlam Production TV Documentary called “American B Side”, for singer-songwriter Holly Montgomery (USA) and other bands both in the UK and USA. I’ve provided live  performances for Tenzer and the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra (see the YouTube below).

A recording studio provides the perfect recording environment, but I can provide digital recordings in wav and mp3 formats at home and forward them by Dropbox. The process usually takes just a few hours.

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