Musical Saw Session Musician

My online musical saw session service provides songwriters, singers, bands and producers a quick, flexible and cost effective way to get the quality musical saw recordings to add to their tracks. I read music so you can send me a written part or you can send me a recording of the track and part you would like me to play. Alternatively send me a track and describe what backing you require and I’ll create a suitable counter melody or accompaniment.

A 2016  Grammy nominated album “Leaving Eden”    Holly Montgomery

James Jones Music for the Film Homer


BBC  documentary ‘American B-Sides’. Music by Ian Kellett


Hull, UK


Tenzer Salford UK


For BBC Yorkshire

Recording on its way

Click on the play buttons above to hear examples of recordings for a film called Homer,  a Bedlam Production TV Documentary called “American B Side”, for singer-songwriter Holly Montgomery (USA) and other bands both in the UK and USA. I’ve provided live  performances for Tenzer and the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra (see the YouTube below).

A recording studio provides the perfect recording environment, but I can provide digital recordings in wav and mp3 formats at home and forward them by Dropbox. The process usually takes just a few hours.

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