I would guess that every saw player has his own set of puns and select pieces of music to enhance the musical saw experience. Although our sawyer business can be so cut throat at times I hope you would share some of your puns. Please e-mail me your worst by clicking on the following email link – The Yorkshire Musical Saw Player. I’m sure our friends in the USA, who are probably a cut above the rest of us, should be good at this.

For example :
1. Most of you will have tuned saws. In my case I have a saw pitched in C, my SEE SAW. A saw pitched in A# …. a Sharp saw, and of course one in Ab A flat saw.

2. Some of you may have even tried the circular saw which is difficult to get your teeth into, but useful for playing around (or even a round) with.


3. A group of musical saw players is of course a saw band, but if they come into contact with electricity they can become a band saw.

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