This is the musical sawyers’ “thesaurus” containing words that may be used by saw players to enhance the musical saw experience. If you are a search engine and have a built in spell checker, please note that the spelling of “Thesawrus” was intended. Please feel free to submit your own to the list, but here are a few off the top of my head :
Abattoir :- A musical saw choirs rehearsal room
Absawbed :- To be engrossed with someone’s playing
Acute :- Violent saw player.
Agressaw :- An attacking sawyer
Ambassawdor :- A Representative of the musical sawyers’ community
Anniversawry :- A day of celebration and often the reason for a sawyer performance
Anti-sawcial :- A sawyer’s result of an overdose of mushy peas and prune juice or practising at 5 am every morning.

Bandsaw :- Not a very good musical saw and carries a significant health and safety risk. With multiple players you can form a saw-band.
Besawtted :- A result of a good performance that leaves the audience fascinated with the saw sound.

Circular saw :- A musical saw which is often played with a beater. It’s difficult to get your teeth into, but useful for playing around with.
Coldsaw (sore) :- A dangerous condition associated with playing too many out door concerts.
Coping saw :- A musical saw for individuals who are musically challenged.
Chop & Change :- To vary your musical programme.
Chopper :- A sharp saw .
Cut above :- A superior sawyer
Cut a dash :- What musical sawyers do best ….glitter & dazzle our audience
Cut price :- A sawyer who will play music for a small fee.
Cut up :- An unhappy sawyer.

Desawlation :- An empty concert hall after a bad performance.
Disawppearance :- An audience that drifts away
Dissawnance :- The result of catching a harmonic that spoils the quality of your sound
Dinosaw :- An old saw player.
Duel :- A word used to describe two saw players playing simultaneously.
Eyesaw :- A performer who is badly dressed.
Exsawcise :- Something that everyone must do to keep fit and healthy. x
Exsawcutioner :- A man who creates a terrifying musical experience with a length of steel and a bow.

Flying Sawcer :- The potential result of a circular saw player who hasn’t carried out a full risk assessment of their performance.
Fret saw :- A type of saw used by worried sawyers.
Grizsawly :-  A grumpy saw player.
Hack :- A saw players first attempt.
Impersawnator : A drummer trying to look cool and attempting to play a musical saw
Insawmnia :- A saw players wife who cannot sleep due to midnight rehearsals.
Isawlophobia : Fear of being alone with a musical saw player.
Junior Hacksaw :-A form of musical saw used by young children.
Jig Saw :- A form of musical saw most common in Celtic areas.

Kissawble :- Audience participation with beautiful or handsome sawyers.

Lessawn(s) :- Learning to play the saw.
Liaisawn :- A relationship with a sawyer, usually dangerousM.
Musawphobia :- Musical saw player who is scared of mice.

Nursawry :- A school for young sawyers.

Obsawvation :- The best way to learn the art of saw playing by watching others.
Opensaw :- A saw without a handle [ submitted by Dominic Field] or an injury you might get from close contact with the “Saw Doctors”.

Piercing saw :- A high pitch musical instrument that can split ears
Persawcuter :- Someone who punishes a musical saw player (usually the wife of!).

Quick-cut :- A short piece of music.

Resawceful :- Imaginative skill, which I lack, to produce new musical saw puns.
Rumbajuck :- A jazzy/upbeat musical saw player.

Sawtie :- Usually used to describe a method of attack by a group of saw players in hostile territory.
Sawphisticated :- A term used to describe the skill of a musical saw player.
Sawcy :- Not very common, but used to describe a disrespectful saw player.
Sawnter :- A saw player who takes his time to get off the stage.
Sawyer sauce :- The result of an injury from a musical saw.
Sawtet :- A small group of saw players.
Sawchestra :- A large group of saw players.

Teeth :- Found on the sharp side of the saw
Toothless :- An instrument used by nervous sawyers or young children.

Un-cut :- Sa w music that’s been left its original form without the need for adaptation.
Uncensawed :- A saw player who is allowed to play anything.


Velosawty :- The fast movement of the bow need to produce additional volume.

Wizsawd :- A man who creates magical music with a length of steel and a bow.
If you would like to add to this please contact me via my contact page.

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