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Taking part of a UK TV programme called Outsiders

A Fantastic Review by One World Music Radio

Having provided material and recorded the musical saw track for Holly Montgomery’s “Beyond the Veil” her whole album has received fantastic reviews and very pleased to get a mention on One World Music Radio.

leaving eden


homer2 I played for the main theme  of a new film called Homer. Its A comedy short, about:

 “The girl of your fantasies has arrived, the apartment is spotless, Champagne poured, sun setting over London. Nothing can spoil this perfect moment till Homer, a pigeon, flies in and craps all over your dreams. So begins a deadly but hilarious game of man versus bird, all for the love of the girl!”


2016 –BBC West Midlands 


I provided a live performance for the breakfast show at BBC West Midlands with Mollie Green for a morning game of guess the tune.

2015 – American B Side – Bedlam Productions


I provided a musical saw track for the composer Ian Kellett which is to be used  in this Bedlam Production for the BBC. The documentary is a lonely journey through the lost thrift stores of the American South, discovering love and loss in the music of dreamers and devotees. The film is a nostalgic, poetic road movie with a brilliantly strange soundtrack; a labour of love directed by DJ and writer Joseph Fletcher.

2014 – A Boy Called Bremnar – Yorkshire Films

I performed as a busker and member of a talent contest within the film.

Written Directed by Jason Lumsden the film reflects the life experiences of a young boxer growing up in a tough Northern City with a hard drinking dad who looks back to when the mighty Leeds United were the pride of England. The film combines many of the Director’s experiences of growing up in the amateur boxing world and striving to survive the mental strains of been a teenage father. Running up and down the steps facing Elland Road football ground, dreaming of glory and escaping from the struggles of life. Written with a pure Leeds spirit, combining, passion and energy. Boy Called Bremner was a remarkable achievement put together by a group of amateur boxers with no film experience. What started as a laugh involved 85 people from across Leeds. The film features local legends such as Peter Lorimer, The Grumbleweeds, World Champion Boxer Josh Warrington and Beeston’s answer to Vinnie Jones the legendary Tony Mcdevitt and Charles Hindmarsh. Made for the price of a few pints and sandwiches the film is no Hollywood Blockbuster. But it’s gritty, hilarious in parts and well worth a watch. 

2014- Britain’s Got Talent 2014



Saws Crossed

I appeared on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent during 2014 in a Musical Saw Duet with Caroline Watsham performing in front of a live audience at the Lowery Theatre in Salford where we play a cut down version of Yesterday.

Saws Crossed

Saws Crossed

2013- Promoting The Euro-Sawchestra on BBC Television & Radio

  June 13th 2013







The Euro-Sawchestra


Teaching Harry to play a Musical Saw

I appeared on on the Toby Foster Breakfast show for BBC Sheffield where I taught his assistant, a cello player, how to play a saw. Then in the evening I was live on the regional BBC Look North programme about the Euro Sawchestra event which was taking place in Sheffield during July 2014.  Teaching Harry Gration how to play a musical saw was an interesting challenge.


Toby Foster BBC Sheffield


September 2011




Article by Alison Bellamy

 Following a series of concerts around Leeds the Yorkshire evening post did an article on my saw playing activities.YEP-2011

The BBC Yorkshire Symphony

August 2010


 Symphony for Yorkshire DVD

A Symphony for Yorkshire was commissioned by the BBC, composed by Benjamin Till and was broadcast on Yorkshire Day 2010 on BBC TV and Local Radio stations in Yorkshire. I played for second and fourth movements.The full work can be found on You-tube below.

The Making of New Musical Saws

Thursday 17 September 2009 

The BBC & Sheffield Star 

bbc_radio_sheffieldThe Star BBCLookNorth bbc_leeds

I had been involved with helping the saw makers Thomas Flinn & Co. They had bought out a saw company who manufactured “Parkstone Melody” musical saws . None of the company could play the instrument and so I was invited down to demonstrate and perhaps give them advice on its shape, its sound and what a potential players would require if they decided to buy the instrument. I have written a short booklet for company which is given away with the instrument. I appeared live on the Steve Bailey “Drive Time” show and was recorded for Radio Sheffield’s Toby Foster show, the BBC Look North lunch time show and the Sheffield Star.Sheffield paper


Monday 4th June 2008
BBC Radio York – Breakfast Show


 I performed on BBC Radio York to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Edward Elgar’s birth. The Musical Saw is not an instrument that Elgar wrote for, which is a pity as he probably missed a great opportunity. Some of his music is well suited for the saw. For example “Sawrenade for strings”, “Chainsaw de Matin”, “Sawlut d’amour”. Elgar and myself have a great deal in common. Like me he played violin, he and I had an interest in chemistry …although mine was more to do with special stage effects. We both like jokes and word play.

BBC Music Livelogo_bbc

2000 & 2001

In 2000 I was invited to play for BBC Music Live, a national event involving professional and amateur musicians. Originally they wanted me to play on a train, but instead I ended up playing on Wakefield Railway Station. Although it was an unusual location, I did get noticed, as it was shown on the local news that night. Two days later I met my future wife on the train travelling back to Harrogate. She came up to me saying “I know you ….. you were on the television the other night”.….. and the rest is, well ….history. Thank you BBC Look North.In 2001 I was invited once more to play in BBC Music Live. This time I performed in the Centre of Leeds and was invited to meet the then Controller of the BBC, Greg Dyke.