The Yorkshire Musical Saw Man

Learn to play a musical instrument that will amaze your friends and family.
Find a musical saw musician for your recording session, concert, film, wedding or other special event. 

I aim to tell you all about the musical saw and offer information about different types of instrument, how to play them, what they will sound like and where to get them from.  I am a Musical Saw Practitioner and I teach new players to play the instrument in workshops and festivals or in private lessons across the country.   I also perform in Cabaret, Old Time Music Hall ,  formal concerts,  for weddings, folk sessions and much more. I have recorded music for bands, for film and television and musicians around the world. I’ve also accompanied live performances on stage.  When I’m not playing the musical saw I am also a Music Director of Yorkshire Brass Bands and I arrange and write music for them.

Please navigate this site by clicking on the pages listed in the sub menus within the menu bar at the top of this page and I hope I can convince you to take up the instrument or help you to improve your technique. 


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Leeds City Varieties

Leeds City Varieties



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Best wishes

Charles Hindmarsh


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