The Yorkshire Musical Saw Man


Old Time Music Hall

Session Musician



Learn to play a musical instrument that will amaze your friends and family. OR find a musical saw musician for your recording session, concert, film, wedding or other special event. 

On this site you will learn how to play a musical saw, find out about different types of instrument,  what they will sound like and where to get them from.  I am a Musical Saw Practitioner and I teach new players to play the instrument in workshops and festivals or in private lessons across the country.   I also perform in Cabaret, Old Time Music Hall ,  formal concerts,  for weddings, folk sessions and much more. I am a session musician and recorded or performed live for bands, film and television and musicians from around the world. When I’m not playing the musical saw I am also a Music Director of Yorkshire Brass Bands and I arrange and write music for them. 

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Best wishes

Charles Hindmarsh


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