Musical Saw Lessons

If you are having problems with playing the musical saw or need help getting started I offer lessons from my home in Yorkshire. For these kind of lesson I normally start off with a 30 minute session. I then have one to three follow up lessons covering changing notes, bowing techniques, vibrato etc. Further advanced lessons are available to learn and perform specific pieces of music (classical or popular).

SKYPEHowever this isn’t always convenient for everyone. So if you have access to SKYPE , the online free internet telephone and web conferencing service, I can provide online lessons at a time we can both agree on. So far I have done online lessons to American, Spanish and English future saw players. 

To arrange a SKYPE lesson please :

1. Buy yourself a musical saw, either from a musical saw maker of folk instrument supplier.
2. You will need a microphone and webcam to use the SKYPE service.
3. Please install SKYPE and test that your service is working. (More details on the SKYPE web site).
4. Please email me first to arrange the conference call. If you are ringing from another country that’s fantastic, but be aware of the time difference as I’m unable to provide lessons late at night.
5. You will need to share your SKYPE phone identity with me. My identity is simply Charles.Hindmarsh.

6. Click on the SKYPE phone icon at the top of the page to call me.

The success of the lesson will depend upon the quality of your broadband and lighting in the room. Make sure you are sitting comfortably and that the camera is positioned so I can see what you are doing.
So far, everyone who has experienced the online lesson has enjoyed their session.

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