Under this menu tab please find some of the worst musical saw humour around. Please free to send me you own stories and jokes to add to the pages.

Unofficial Music for the Saw

The following is a list of items that should have been written for the musical saw :
1. Music by the Carpenters such as “Sawlitaire”.
2. SWAN …. is of course an anagram of sawn.
3. Music by the French composer Charpentier (carpenter).
4. All that music by Ripsawkorsakov (Eg. Slice of a bumble bee).
5. Revolutionary Edtude (best played on a circular saw) by Chopin(g).
6. Le Sawcer’s apprentice (Dukas).
7. If you’re really desperate there is also music from Gilbert & Sullivan’s Sawcera. I have to put this one down since my wife Mrs J. Hindmarsh is a big fan of G&S.
8. Lumberjack music….. Evergreen, Come bark to Sawrentto and a J. S. Bark (I mean Bach) sawnata.
9. O saw le mio (O Sole Mio)
10. Irish folk music. (Best played on the JIG saw).
11. Florist’s music (or the cut flower selection)…..The Flower song, I won’t send Roses, We’ll gather lilacs.
12. Christmas chopping music…. The sawman by Howard Blade.
13. Sawberry Fair
14. Slitstream (popular brass band piece).
15. Blades of steel (march Jubb)
16. Blow the winds sawfully
17. Sawftly wakes my heart
18. Slaughter on 10th Avenue (or The sawyers revenge)
19. Cut (or a slice of Cute – by Hefti)
20. From “The Armed Man” (A Mass for peace), written for the Royal Armouries, comes a beautiful solo which was re-written for the German Lumberjack Association as “DIS BEEN CUT?” (Anagram of Benedictus by Karl Jenkins). It is now part of a Mass of Pieces.

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