Concerts, Cabaret, Old Time Music Hall & General background music

I am a musical saw performer and would be happy to perform as part of a classical concert, a variety show or Old Time Music Hall event. As a violinist in an orchestra and conductor of several brass bands I read music and would be happy to perform orchestral pieces written for the saw. 

I am equally happy to provide background music for dinners, conferences, weddings and unusual events.  

While the musical saw has enjoyed some usage in orchestral music, films scores, several modern and avant-garde composers, these are not usually played in a light entertainment concerts due to the lack of musical saw musicians. 

Instead I take well known pieces of music from a variety of sources and arrange them for musical saw. I am able to offer a light programme of well known entertaining music from these areas :

Classical, Baroque, Romantic, Opera

Folk, Celtic, English,

Period Music, Victorian Parlour, 1920- 1930s, 1940’s

Popular, Jazz, Musicals & Film 

I have performed with Brass bands, Orchestras, Rock bands as well as performing on my own or with a piano accompaniment. I particularly like playing pieces that have a special significance when played on the saw. Any titles that can have an associated saw pun are always welcome.

Soloist at a Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in Buxton

Soloist at a Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in Buxton

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